Comedy Magician George Gilbert is…

A Jack of all trades, Master of FUN

There will be plenty of time to get to know George Gilbert somewhere in between your first contact and the raving reviews you will hear after the show. Meanwhile, here are a few facts about the man himself as well as what he has to offer.

Short Bio

Equipped with a suitcase full of props, masterful sleight of hand skills, and a knack for the comedic, George Gilbert has been using his talents to amaze and amuse audiences around the globe for over a decade. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, George first found his love of magic in elementary school after reading a book on Harry Houdini, whom he has since made very proud. He has performed all over North America , UK, and Europe to raving reviews, chasing his childhood dream of mystifying audiences while making them laugh. Whether George is performing his award winning act in a theatre, at an outdoor festival, or on national television, he is sure to astonish even the most skeptical audiences with his quick wit, natural charm, and clever illusions. When he is not on stage, he can usually be found in traffic on the road to his next event, or hanging out on the beach.

What will George bring to your event?

Your audience may see George do stuff on stage with razor sharp machetes, pineapples, bowler hats, newspapers, decks of cards, coins, antique cups, borrowed objects from the audience, and even the audience members themselves! But the most important thing George Gilbert brings to your event is his ability to connect with your audience and entertain them from beginning to end with no hang-ups, ensuring that your event will be talked about for a long, long time.