Can George Gilbert find and provide additional entertainers?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, George Gilbert is a licensed talent agent. His company, Wild Ace Entertainment & Productions, LLC has a database of entertainers that you wouldn’t believe!

When can I speak to George?

Any time at all! When you book George Gilbert, you will have access to his direct cell phone and can have as many phone consultations as you need, leading up to your event. George will also send out a comfort call, letting you know when he is in route to your event. In other words, the line of communication is ALWAYS open.

How far will George travel?

George Gilbert travels world wide, and will travel anywhere for the “right” event. Travel and hotel fees apply anywhere outside of Lee County, Florida.

Does George Gilbert have liability insurance?

YES. George Gilbert always carries a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability coverage.; All professional entertainers should carry their own liability insurance and be able to get you an additional insured certificate upon your request.

Is this a kids show?

No. George’s performances are tailored specifically for family and corporate audiences. In other words, if there are children at the event, the adults and children will enjoy the performance equally. If there are no children at the event, everyone will still have an amazing time. All performances are 100% squeaky clean.

Do I need to provide a sound system? 

George Gilbert can provide his own sound system, headset microphone, and everything needed to put on a great show, ensuring that your audience has an amazing time.