Attention all small businesses in Fort Myers Beach! I have an exciting opportunity for you. I am offering completely free promotions of your businesses to my dedicated audience. There’s no expense for you as the business owner; all I ask is that you provide my audience with a significant discount, which can be tracked through a unique promo code. These promotions will be run through engaging Facebook posts and videos as well as email campaigns. I meticulously track the results of each promotion on my end and provide you with detailed reports and insights.

My audience, known as the “Pineapple Magic Gang”, comprises loyal tourists who eagerly attend my free tropical themed comedy magic show in Fort Myers Beach year after year. The demographics of my audience are diverse, ranging from families with young parents to retired individuals and couples aged 55 and above. Additionally, promotions will be showcased on the Facebook group ‘Fort Myers Beach Community Events,’ which has a membership of 6,000 individuals who share a deep affection for Fort Myers Beach.

I am deeply committed to supporting the recovery of our local economy following the devastating impact of Hurricane Ian. By offering these promotions for free, my primary goal is to contribute to the revitalization of Fort Myers Beach and help businesses thrive once again. As a part of this effort, I am eager to provide my audience with discounted activities in Fort Myers Beach. By boosting tourism and attracting more visitors to our beautiful destination, I, like every other business, will benefit from the increased economic activity and the positive ripple effect it brings.

Before launching any promotion, I kindly request that you send me a short script highlighting the selling points of your business, along with any photos or video clips you’d like me to include in the promotion. Rest assured, please only send material that you are comfortable with the world seeing. Please send all content and material to with the subject “FMB BUSINESS”

In addition to the script, photos, and video clips, here are a few more things you can send me to ensure a successful promotion:

1. Logo and branding materials: Logo in high-resolution format and any other branding elements that can be incorporated into the promotional content.

2. Website or landing page link: URL of your business website or a specific landing page where customers can find more information and make purchases.

3. Testimonials or customer reviews: Testimonials or customer reviews that can be used to enhance the promotion and build trust with my audience.

4. Social media handles: Social media handles (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) so I can tag them in posts and increase their online visibility.

5. Exclusive offers: Provide an exclusive offer or incentive for my audience, such as a limited-time deal or a special package tailored specifically to my audience.

6. Contact information: Business contact details, including phone number, email address, or any other preferred method of communication. This will enable interested customers to reach out directly to your business.

In conclusion, I invite all small businesses in Fort Myers Beach to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Through free promotions to my dedicated audience, I aim to support the recovery of our local economy in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. By offering significant discounts and showcasing your business through engaging Facebook posts and videos, we can collectively boost tourism and create a positive impact for Fort Myers Beach. Together, let’s seize this chance to uplift our community, drive economic growth, and bring back the vibrancy and prosperity we cherish. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to reach a wide range of tourists and make a lasting impression. Join me in this journey toward a stronger, thriving Fort Myers Beach.



  1. Introduction: George Gilbert undertook a promotional campaign to enhance the visibility and reservations for Mike Yost’s FMB Haunted Pub Crawl. By leveraging social media and email marketing, George aimed to increase awareness, engagement, and bookings for the pub crawl. This case study examines the results of George’s efforts and confirms the success of the promotion.
  2. Promotional Activities: a) Engaging Video on Facebook: George created an attention-grabbing video and posted it on the Fort Myers Beach Community Events Facebook page. The video showcased the unique experience of the haunted pub crawl and encouraged viewers to book reservations. The post received significant traction within a short period.

b) Social Media Response: Within just two hours of uploading the video, the post garnered impressive results. It was shared over 10 times, generating organic reach and exposure to a broader audience. Additionally, the post received over 65 Facebook reactions, indicating positive engagement and interest from the community.

c) Increased Bookings: The impact of the Facebook promotion was immediate. Multiple individuals who watched the video contacted Mike Yost directly at (239) 440-2805 to book their reservations for the FMB Haunted Pub Crawl. This immediate response demonstrates the effectiveness of the promotional video in driving actionable results.

d) Engaging Email Marketing: Building upon the success of the Facebook video, George followed up the next day with a highly engaging email. The email was designed to capture the recipients’ attention and encourage them to take action. As a testament to its effectiveness, the email achieved an impressive open rate of over 50%. This high engagement rate demonstrates the audience’s interest in the pub crawl experience and their willingness to interact with the promotional material. 


  1. Verifying Success: To validate the success of the promotion, interested parties can directly contact Mike Yost at (239) 440-2805. Mike will be able to confirm the increase in reservations and bookings following the promotional activities conducted by George Gilbert.
  2. Conclusion: George Gilbert’s promotional campaign for Mike Yost’s FMB Haunted Pub Crawl proved highly successful. The engaging video posted on Facebook generated significant interest, as evident from the high number of shares and reactions within a short time frame. The subsequent email marketing campaign further boosted engagement, with an impressive open rate. Overall, the promotion effectively increased reservations and bookings, validating the success of George’s efforts in promoting the FMB Haunted Pub Crawl.
  1. Introduction: George Gilbert took on a promotional campaign to elevate the visibility and reservations for BIG TIKI TOURS, a renowned tour company operating on Fort Myers Beach. Through the creation and distribution of an engaging video, George aimed to generate interest and bookings for the tours. This case study examines the results of George’s efforts and verifies the success of the promotion.

  2. Promotional Activities: a) Compelling Video Creation: George produced a captivating video that highlighted the unique experiences offered by BIG TIKI TOURS. The video showcased the breathtaking beauty of Fort Myers Beach and emphasized the excitement and adventure that awaited customers. The video was strategically crafted to entice viewers and encourage them to book reservations for the tours.

b) Immediate Response: Within a mere two hours of uploading the engaging video, BIG TIKI TOURS witnessed an influx of phone calls from prospective customers. Three individuals specifically mentioned seeing the video and expressed their interest in booking reservations. This immediate response underscores the video’s effectiveness in generating actionable results and capturing the attention of potential customers.


  1. Verifying Success: To validate the success of the promotion and acquire further details, interested parties can contact Whitney Stransky, the owner of BIG TIKI TOURS, at 239-339-7973. Whitney will provide additional information regarding the impact of George Gilbert’s promotional efforts and the resulting increase in reservations.

  2. Conclusion: George Gilbert’s promotional campaign for BIG TIKI TOURS proved to be highly effective in driving interest and bookings. The engaging video, posted on various platforms, swiftly captured the attention of viewers, resulting in three phone calls within a short time frame. These calls explicitly mentioned the video as the catalyst for their interest in booking reservations with BIG TIKI TOURS. To verify the success of the promotion, individuals can contact Whitney Stransky, the owner of BIG TIKI TOURS, who will further confirm the rise in reservations and provide additional insights. The significant response from potential customers exemplifies the impact of George’s promotional efforts in boosting awareness and driving bookings for BIG TIKI TOURS on Fort Myers Beach.