Transform Your Event into anUnforgettable Experience.

“I booked him not once but twice. The response to George Gilbert’s performance was OVERWHELMING.”
Cam McMillion

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Transform your events with George Gilbert, the master comedy magician, and guarantee a memorable spectacle. Inject humor and magic into your gathering, captivating your guests and leaving a lasting impression. Elevate your event easily with George’s engaging and unique performances.

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Discover the Magic of George Gilbert for Your Corporate Events in Naples, Florida!

Greetings, Naples business community! Are you on the lookout for a unique, engaging entertainer for your corporate events? Meet George Gilbert, Naples’ own comedy magician, ready to transform your corporate functions into magical successes.

Why George Gilbert is Naples’ Top Choice for Corporate Magic

Expertise with a Local Touch: Based in the heart of Naples, Florida, I blend local insights with international performance experience. My shows are not just about magic; they’re about creating a connection with every audience, reflecting the vibrant culture of Naples.

Customized Shows for Your Corporate Needs: I understand that every corporate event is unique. Whether it’s a seminar, a holiday party, or an executive retreat, my performances are tailored to align with your event’s theme and audience.

Seamless Professionalism: Your corporate event deserves a magician who values professionalism as much as entertainment. I prioritize a smooth, stress-free experience, ensuring that your event’s entertainment is both top-notch and hassle-free.

Corporate Magic Services in Naples

  • Corporate Galas and Dinners: Elevate your corporate galas and dinners with a mix of magic and humor, leaving your guests both impressed and entertained.
  • Product Launches and Promotions: Make your product launches and promotional events stand out with magical presentations that captivate and engage.
  • Networking Events and Mixers: Break the ice and encourage networking with interactive magic that gets everyone involved and talking.

Hear from Naples’ Corporate Leaders

“George’s magic was a game-changer for our annual meeting. He brought our team together in a way that was both fun and meaningful.” – Jessica H., Naples

“For our product launch, we wanted something special. George delivered an unforgettable performance that really made our product stand out.” – Carlos G., Naples

Ready to Add a Spark of Magic to Your Event?

Let’s make your Naples corporate event a magical one! Contact me today to plan a customized magical experience that aligns with your corporate goals.

Unleashing World-Class Creativity

George’s Humor Makes Your Event Unforgettable

Delivering unparalleled, inventive entertainment globally. George infuses your event with his infectious, non-stop humor, ensuring it’s memorable.

Connecting Hearts and Minds

George’s Personalized Events Strengthen Teams

Crafting events that foster unity and connection in crucial moments. George’s personalized approach strengthens organizational bonds and resilience

Transforming Moments into Milestones

George’s Magic Touch Elevates Every Occasion

George’s unique talent transforms ordinary events into extraordinary experiences, creating milestone moments that are cherished long after they conclude.

Choose The Perfect Entertainment Solution From These Four Choices!


George Gilbert offers more than a show; he creates an interactive spectacle where your attendees shine. They become the heart of a performance that’s both entertaining and empowering, participating in acts of bravery, trust, and teamwork. George’s skill in involving volunteers fosters laughter and unity, making you the hero of an unforgettable evening. Prior to the event, he consults with you to tailor his act, incorporating your theme, brand, and products for a personalized and cohesive experience. This approach ensures a memorable event that amplifies your message and aligns perfectly with your vision, transforming your gathering into a significant milestone. 


George Gilbert brings magic up-close with his ‘mini shows’ at your event. He mingles with guests, performing astonishing magic that directly involves them, creating an atmosphere of excitement and wonder. This interactive experience sparks conversations and leaves lasting memories, making every attendee a part of the magic.


In the interludes of your event’s agenda, George Gilbert masterfully blends wit and swift, eye-catching magic to maintain a high level of engagement among your audience. Whether he’s setting the stage for the next speaker or presenting accolades, George ensures a seamless and punctual flow of your program. His charismatic presence keeps the energy high and the audience enthralled, guaranteeing that every transition is as entertaining as it is efficient. With George orchestrating the rhythm of your event, expect a perfectly timed, delightfully engaging experience that keeps the momentum going strong.

Team Building

George Gilbert’s interactive workshops are more than entertainment; they’re a transformative force for team building and cultural improvement in your company. These tailored sessions boost morale and have a lasting impact on organizational spirit, offering an enjoyable and instrumental experience in creating a vibrant, productive workplace.

"World Class Entertainment!"

Mark Kortman, CDW International

"He really knows how to work the crowd!"

Bob Baumhower, Miami Dolphins

"Very Entertaining!"

Kenny Ortega, director of “Hocus Pocus”

Frequently Asked Questions...

How far will George travel?

George Gilbert is available for global travel and will journey to any location for the ideal event.

Is George insured?

Absolutely. George Gilbert maintains a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance. As a professional entertainer, he can provide an additional insured certificate upon request, a standard practice for professionals in the industry.

Is this a kids show?

George’s performances are tailored specifically for family and corporate audiences. In other words, if there are children at the event, the adults and children will enjoy the performance equally. If there are no children at the event, everyone will still have an amazing time. All performances are 100% squeaky clean.

Do I need to provide a sound system?

George Gilbert is fully equipped with his own sound system, headset microphone, and all necessary equipment for a fantastic show. He ensures your audience will have an amazing experience with his 100% self-contained setup.


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